Twitter Tips and Sample Tweets

You can use Twitter to contact your Representative or Senator to ask them to support Minnesota Libraries. Or, use some of the more general tweets below to show the value of Minnesota libraries to your followers and the public. Use the hashtag #MNLibLeg20 (this changes each year--add the two-digit year to the end) or #MNLibrariesTransform during Minnesota Virtual Library Legislative Week. If you schedule them ahead of time to post during the week of #MNLibLeg20, they will be ready to go!

We created social media shareable graphics with the uniquely Minnesota Libraries Transform Because statements. For easy access download all of the graphics from this folder to your phone or computer ahead of time.

Tips for effective Legislative Day/Week tweets

  • Twitter engagement is much better when a photo is included with the tweet.
  • Remember the hashtag so that people following that hashtag get all the tweets for the day #MNLibLeg120.
  • Remember to use the @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] because his or her staff member will see it and his or her followers will also see it.
  • Don’t worry that your tweet is the same from office to office. It is important to get the @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] out there and a picture is worth a 1000 words.
  • If it helps you remember to use the #hashtag, add it first. It does not matter the order of the Twitter text.

Suggested tweets before or on March 31 (READ poster promotion)

  • @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] You & your staff are invited to L'Etoile du Nord Vault Room B15 in the Capitol to have digital photo taken & turned into a READ poster to show your support for libraries Stop by anytime between 10-2 #MNLibLeg20. [Attach graphic of READ invite - coming soon]
  • @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] Come have a picture taken & turned into a READ poster to show your support of libraries. Bring your favorite book or document or use one of ours. L'Etoile du Nord Vault Room B15, 10-2 #MNLibLeg20. [Attach graphic of READ invite - coming soon]
  • Great photo opp for @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] & staff in L'Etoile du Nord Vault Room B15 . Bring your fav book or document, we take a pic of you for a READ poster. Stop by anytime between 10-2. [Attach graphic of READ invite - coming soon]

Suggested tweets after visiting a legislative office

  • Good visit with @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] and favorable response to MLA funding request #MNLibLeg20 [Add group photo]
  • As always @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] is a strong library supporter #MNLibLeg20
  • At the Capitol with @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] #MNLibLeg20
  • Appreciate the support of libraries from @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] #MNLibLeg20
  • List the people in the photo which you attach & mention the @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] #MNLibLeg20
  • Great to be able to talk libraries with our new @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] for [his or her] first Library Legislative Day. #MNLibLeg20
  • @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator], we are always happy to be a resource for you & your staff on library issues or other questions. That’s what libraries do! #MNLibLeg20
  • Hope you are able to attend [library event] @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator]. We would love to show you how Legacy dollars impact our community. #MNLibLeg20
  • Had a great discussion with @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] on how multitype library systems work closely with schools & academic libraries for college/career readiness. #MNLibLeg20
  • We had an appointment with @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] See how great they look in their READ poster! #MNLibLeg20
  • Talked books, libraries, & the importance of library infrastructure funding with @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] She/he showed us their well-used library card! #MNLibLeg20
  • Had great conversation with @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] about the importance of school libraries with professional librarians. Our academic library friends can tell when 1st year students had a library/librarian in their school. Students are ready for research! #MNLibLeg20
  • So far all @[twitter handle of Rep or Senator] we have visited are aware of the value of libraries in their communities. Hope they continue to support state funding for regional library systems. #MNLibLeg20
  • Thank you tweet example: "Thank you Senator Carla Nelson for discussing basic regional library support & library building construction funding."

Library value tweets (Minnesota and National)

Most of the following tweets were composed with information from the State Library Services Library Statistics webpage or the American Library Association Quotable Facts about American's Libraries webpage. If you have room in your tweet, you can link to the source. We've also made many of the Minnesota Libraries Transform Because Contest statements available for you to use as graphics. Browse those here.

  • Library access = opportunity: Minnesotans opened 11 million Internet sessions in public libraries in 2018 #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • Libraries are a smart investment: For every $1 spent the return on investment is $4.62 for MN #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • MN public libraries answered 3.4 million questions in 2017. Standing single file, the line of questioners would span 1,288 miles #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • 22.5 million visits to MN public libraries in 2018, equivalent to > 61 thousand visits a day, or 43 visits per minute #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • MN public libraries offer lifelong learning with > 72,000 programs in 2018, homework assistance, summer reading programs, and adult programs #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • MN public libraries help Minnesotans apply for jobs, create resumes, prepare for interviews and more, with > 69,000 programs in 2017 #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • MN public libraries offer community space, hosting over 91,000 public events in 2018. #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • Libraries share resources to meet local needs: providing 1.2 million interlibrary loans to Minnesotans in 2018 #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • Support the school library media specialist grant pool: > 80% of middle schoolers cannot tell difference b/t sponsored content & real news: #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. Support Minnesota library legislation! #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • Students in high-poverty schools are almost twice as likely to graduate when the school library is staffed with a certified school librarian #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • 113 million Americans go to public library programs, more than all Major League Baseball, NFL, and NBA games combined! #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20
  • Library staff champion your right to access information privately when you check out materials or browse the internet #MnLibrariesTransform #MNLibLeg20

ITEM (Information and Technology Educators of Minnesota) audience

  • We can’t be at the Capitol today for #mnlibleg20. We’re busy learning! Our students are researching today using ELM databases provided by funding supported by the Legislature. #mnitem
  • Why I love my school library: It’s a safe place to work. -Student voice #mnlibleg20 #mnitem
  • Our school library opens up at 7 am. For 45 minutes, it’s a hub of energy, learning, and student connections. #mnlibleg20 #mnitem
  • School libraries are active! Students at [school] use the library to check out books, complete research, make connections with their friends, and create in the MakerSpace. #mnlibleg20
  • School libraries build lifelong readers and active learners. Check out our students at [school] as they do [activity] today. #mnlibleg20 #mnitem
  • Learning to tell the difference between fact, fiction, and the gray in-between are lessons taught in our school libraries. Keep our country strong by continuing to support strong digital citizens. #mnlibleg20 #mnitem
  • Our school [name] has checked out over [number] of books this year. We are readers! What’s the best book that you’ve read this year? #mnlibleg20 #mnitem
  • What does the school library mean to you? Here’s what our students have to say: [answer]. #mnlibleg20 #mnitem
  • Our school library provides after school homework help and academic support that is extremely beneficial to student success. School libraries are powerful and relevant. #mnlibleg20 #mnitem
  • Students who learn to be responsible readers and learners today will be better educated voters in the future. Support Minnesota libraries today. #mnlibleg20 #mnitem