Social Media

Tips and Sample Posts

You can social media to contact your Representative or Senator to ask them to support Minnesota Libraries or use some of the more general tweets below to show the value of Minnesota libraries to your followers and the public. Use the hashtag #MNLibrariesLead.

If you schedule them ahead of time to post during Virtual Library Legislative Week, they will be ready to go!

Tips for effective social media

  • Engagement is much better when a photo is included with the post.

  • Remember the hashtag so that people following that hashtag get all the tweets for the day #MNLibrariesLead.

  • Remember to use the @[handle of Rep or Senator] so your legislator receives a notification.

  • Don’t worry that your post is the same from office to office. It is important to get the @[handle of Rep or Senator] out there and a picture is worth a 1000 words.

  • If it helps you remember to use the #hashtag, add it first. It does not matter the order of the text.

Suggested posts for Virtual Library Legislative Week 2021:

  • Coming soon

General library value posts:

  • Post a photograph of your library card and include a message about how your library leads. #MNLibrariesLead

  • Post a photograph of people using a virtual service at your library. #MNLibrariesLead

  • Because libraries bring people together even when we have to stay apart. #MNLibrariesLead [link to Because graphic with this statement]

  • Librarians across Minnesota have been stepping up to serve their communities during COVID-19.

  • Visit your library’s website to access ebooks, movies, music, video games and so much more. [link] #MNLibrariesLead

  • Check out your library’s online selection of free entertainment. From virtual storytimes to movies to audiobooks, you can access them all from home. Learn more at [link]. #MNLibrariesLead

  • Support your library & stay up to date by following them on social media. [link] #MNLibrariesLead

  • Visit your library’s website for access to free entertainment and educational materials! RT this message to show your support of libraries and all they do to serve their communities during uncertain times. #MNLibrariesLead ]

Most of the following tweets were composed with information from the State Library Services Library Statistics webpage. If you have room in your post, link to the source.

  • Library access = opportunity. Customers went online during 10.5 million computer and wireless sessions in public libraries in 2019. #MNLibrariesLead

  • Libraries are a smart investment: For every $1 spent the return on investment is $4.62 for MN #MNLibrariesLead

  • 22 million visits to MN public libraries in 2019, equivalent to ~ 61 thousand visits a day, or 41 visits per minute #MNLibrariesLead

  • MN public libraries offer lifelong learning with >72,000 programs in 2019 including author visits, book clubs, storytimes, and arts and culture events as well as training on digital literacy, starting a business, basic job skills, STEM, and more. #MNLibrariesLead

  • MN public libraries help Minnesotans apply for jobs, create resumes, prepare for interviews and more, with > 24,000 adult programs in 2019. #MNLibrariesLead

  • MN public libraries offer community space, hosting over 114,000 events in their meeting rooms in 2019. #MNLibrariesLead

  • Minnesota libraries share resources to meet local needs: providing 1.2 million interlibrary loans in 2019. #MNLibrariesLead

  • Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. Support Minnesota library legislation! #MNLibrariesLead

  • 113 million Americans go to public library programs, more than all Major League Baseball, NFL, and NBA games combined! #MNLibrariesLead

  • Library staff champion your right to access information privately when you check out materials or browse the internet #MNLibrariesLead

In support of school libraries:

  • School Libraries ensure students have access to current, up to date, widely represented books - whether working in-person, hybrid or distance learning. #MNItem #MNLibrariesLead

  • We cannot be at the Capitol today, but COVID-19 hasn’t stopped School Library Media Specialists from teaching students to conduct research using eLibrary Minnesota databases. We are so thankful these online databases are supported by the Legislature! #MNItem #MNLibrariesLead

  • "Our school librarians doubled eBook availability to support distance learning. It’s like we’re still using the library, even though we aren’t in-person yet." - South St. Paul #MNItem #MNLibrariesLead

  • School Libraries continued to support lifelong readers and active learners as they pivoted between in-person, hybrid and the various distance learning models. #MNItem #MNLibrariesLead

  • Fact vs Fiction - Learning to tell the difference are lessons taught in school libraries. Help to keep our country strong by continuing to support strong digital citizens by funding school libraries and requiring licensed Library Media Specialists. #MNItem #MNLibrariesLead

  • The pandemic has not gotten in the way of providing reading material - we just shifted our focus to mostly digital. We are readers! What’s the best book that you’ve read this year? #MNItem #MNLibrariesLead

  • School Libraries provide after school homework help and academic support that is extremely beneficial to student success. Well-funded school libraries are powerful and relevant. #MNItem #MNLibrariesLead

  • "Our School Library Media Specialists collaborated with IT so students could generate book holds with a single sign-on. This allowed for our media team to provide materials in a safe way." - Bemidji #MNItem #MNLibrariesLead

  • Students in high-poverty schools are almost twice as likely to graduate when the school library is staffed with a certified school librarian #MNLibrariesLead

Follow-up posts after a Zoom visit:

  • Good visit with @[handle of Rep or Senator] and favorable response to MLA funding request. #MNLibrariesLead

  • As always @[handle of Rep or Senator] is a strong library supporter #MNLibrariesLead

  • Appreciate the support of libraries from @[handle of Rep or Senator] #MNLibrariesLead

  • Great to be able to talk libraries with our new @[handle of Rep or Senator] for their first Library Legislative Week. #MNLibrariesLead

  • @[handle of Rep or Senator], we are always happy to be a resource for you & your staff on library issues or other questions. That’s what libraries do! #MNLibrariesLead

  • Hope you are able to attend [virtual event] @[handle of Rep or Senator]. We would love to show you how Legacy dollars impact our community. #MNLibrariesLead

  • Had a great discussion with @[handle of Rep or Senator] on how multitype library systems work closely with schools & academic libraries for college/career readiness. #MNLibrariesLead

  • Talked books, libraries, & the importance of library infrastructure funding with @[handle of Rep or Senator] #MNLibrariesLead

  • Had great conversation with @[handle of Rep or Senator] about the importance of school libraries. Our academic library friends can tell when 1st year students had a licensed school media specialist in their school. #MNLibrariesLead

  • So far all @[handle of Rep or Senator] we have chatted with are aware of the value of libraries in their communities. Hope they continue to support state funding for regional library systems. ##MNLibrariesLead