Facebook Frame

It's easy to add our custom frame to your Facebook profile picture. Let your friends know you're attending Library Legislative Day. Tag friends who might be interested or planning to attend Library Legislative Day so that everyone who is going has the frame on Facebook!

How to Add the MLA Legislative Day Frame

  • Go to your Facebook profile picture (Note: The frame can only be added to personal Facebook profile pictures).
  • Hover over your profile picture until you see the text "Update." Click on the text.
  • A window pops up. Click on "Add Frame."
  • A window will pop up with a menu of different frames. Use the search bar to search for MNLibLeg.
  • You can add a description (I am attending Library Legislative Day because ...) or leave it blank.
  • Use the buttons to change the picture and reposition it as needed.
  • Use the button at the bottom to tell Facebook how long you want the frame to stay on your profile picture; it will automatically go away at the time you set.
  • Click on "Use as Profile Picture"
  • Confirm the change.

That's it!