Email Legislators

Email Templates

Download the following email template, customize, and send to your Minnesota Senator or Representative. Any text in brackets is either a note and should be removed before sending, or a section that should be edited by you, the writer. Each letter references bill numbers if they exist.

How to find and contact your Minnesota Senator or Representative

  1. Visit the Who Represents Me website.

  2. Enter in your home address.

  3. Click on your Minnesota Senator or Representative, which will bring you to their page.

  4. On your Senator or Representative's page, look for contact information.

Other Tips

  • Subject line matters.

  • Make your communication as personal as possible.

  • Be respectful and polite.

  • Stay on message and keep to your main points. LESS IS MORE.

  • Don't forget the "Ask": "This is what we want you, Senator or Representative, to do for libraries."

    • If you're emailing to set up a virtual meeting, "I am asking for 15 minutes on your calendar to discuss library legislation." Save the details for the virtual meeting.

  • Thank them for their time.