Calling Legislators

Call Script Template

Plan to call your Legislator to ask for their support of Minnesota libraries? Here's a template to use as a starting point.

Hello, my name is ____________________. As a voter in your district, I’m calling to ask the [NAME OF Senator/Representative] to support library legislation this session.

I [use/work at] the BLANK library [Share a story about how your library makes a difference in your life. If you are library staff, share a story about how libraries/library systems make a difference in your community]

Libraries are just as relevant today as they have always been; students and Minnesotans of all ages use their libraries at a high rate. But while the demand and costs for library services have grown, state funding hasn't kept pace.

Please support library legislation as it is introduced this session. Specific bills introduced include [HF 2529 Or you can choose to omit bill references.]

Thank you for your time.

How to find and contact your Minnesota Senator or Representative

  1. Visit the Who Represents Me website.
  2. Enter in your home address.
  3. Click on your Minnesota Senator or Representative, which will bring you to their webpage.
  4. On your Senator or Representative webpage, look for contact information.

Other Tips

  • If you are apprehensive about calling on the phone, consider leaving a voicemail after hours for your legislator.
  • Don’t expect to speak to your legislator directly. Phones are often answered by staff who are responsible for taking messages, which are then passed along to your legislator.
  • Be prepared with a written statement that will help you stay focused and on message. What is your local, regional, state level elevator speech about how libraries are important in your community?
  • Make your communication as personal as possible (share how you use a library service, for example)
  • When you call, it’s best to advocate for a specific issue or bill, and particularly if that issue or bill is under consideration in one of the committees where your legislator is a member.
    • Review the MLA/ITEM platform and documents on specific issues of interest, available here.
    • The bill numbers for each issue will soon be available on the MLA Library Advocacy website, so you can refer to specific bill numbers in the House and Senate when you call your legislators.
  • Be respectful and polite.
  • Be concise, specific, and support your argument with facts that can be verified.
  • Stay on message and keep to your main points.
  • Thank him/her for their time.