Capitol Buildings

Everyone's biggest question, 'Where do I park?' We can answer!

Second question is, 'How do I find my way around?' We know that, too.

Parking Maps & Transit

There are several state-owned parking lots. We recommend Lot C for ease of entry & proximity to the Senate Office Building & therefore, the tunnels. Ramp F is close to the State Office Building & tunnels, but it often fills early in the day during the session.

We marked our recommended lots--C, F, Q, AA--and added the 530 Park Ave garage (Bethesda Hospital ramp) that is behind the Senate Office building (enter from Park St.) on the map to the left.

Lot Q is close to the Judicial Center, but tunnel entry requires staff keycard access.

State parking lots all have pay stations--note your space number & enter it in the pay station. They take cards & bills. You don't need to walk back & put the ticket in your window.

This page shows accessible parking locations.

Download the map:

Capitol Visitors' Map:

There are three (3) Light Rail stations located in the Capitol Complex including the Rice Street Station, just west of the State Capitol Building. Capitol/Rice St Station is the closest to the Capitol. Marked in green on map at left.

The Capitol

The Capitol opens at 8:00am.

This shows the lower level/basement of the Capitol. The L'Etoile du Nord is home base for Library Legislative Day. The morning briefing takes place there, along with other activities. Leg Day attendees can leave their coats there (must be picked up no later than 4pm), bring in lunch from the Rathskeller or other locations, and generally use it as a place to network, work, or relax. There is wifi.

Tunnels to the two office buildings are marked. This map shows the basement level (L'Etoile du Nord). Here is the full map of all floors.

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This page shows the Accessibilty features of the Capitol.

The Tunnels & Office Buildings

Most of your appointments will be in the Senate Building or the State Office building. Offices are segregated by party.

All of the Capitol Complex buildings are connected by a network of tunnels (marked in green on the adjacent map). The tunnels make travel between buildings in winter/bad weather more pleasant. Going outside, however, can be somewhat quicker.

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