LegWork Committee

The LegWork Committee (Legislative Working Committee) is comprised of MLA/ITEM members interested in being more hands-on in the Legislative process, supporting the Legislative Committee in planning Legislative activities.

This work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Drafting language for Legislative Committee documents
  • Designing Legislative Committee documents
  • Managing logistics for Legislative Day and Legislative Forum
  • Maintaining advocacy website
  • Communicating to members about legislative/advocacy activities
  • Developing educational content about legislative/advocacy activities

Email: legworkMLA@gmail.com

2020 Committee Members

Jami Trenam, Chair

Sarah Hawkins, Chair Elect

Patti Bross, MLA President

Kirsten Clark, MLA Past President

Paula Hansen, ITEM

Jennifer Harveland

Ann Hokanson

Ann Hutton

Carla Lydon

Sara Ring

Jim Weygand