LegWork Committee

The LegWork Committee (Legislative Activities Committee) is comprised of members of MLA & ITEM interested in being more hands-on in the Legislative process by working with the (elected) Chair, Incoming Chair, & Past Chair of the Legislative Committee on planning the Legislative activities including, but not limited to, drafting legislative committee documents (eg, the MLA/ITEM platform), proposing designs for legislative committee documents (talking points, platform, infographics, etc.), managing logistics for Legislative Day (location, refreshments, schedules as needed), planning the annual Legislative Forum in conjunction with Legislative ​Committee Leadership, communicating to MLA members about legislative activities using Legislative listsrv, Engage or other platforms, developing webinars on legislative activities, update legislative website, and similar work as needed. Most work focuses on MN legislative activities, but support for the national legislative platform is included.

Note that the actual platform planks/contents are decided at the annual ITEM/MLA Legislative Forum with input from others after the Forum. The first Wednesday briefings will continue as a method of communication about active legislation & activities.

ITEM members interested in getting involved in the legislative activities & this committee are welcome, too.

Email: legworkMLA@gmail.com

2017-1018 Committee Members

Ann Hokanson, Chair

Jami Trenam, Incoming Chair

Ann Walker Smalley

Hannah Buckland

Jennifer Harveland

Kirsten Clark

Mollie Stanford

Paula Hansen

Sara Ring

Jim Weygand (MLTA/MALF)

Sarah Hawkins

Ken Behringer