Library Acronyms & Terms

Important terms you may hear! Note: You should not use the acronyms in conversation with non-library people (legislators) when advocating.

ACHF (aka Legacy)- Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Regional public library systems receive funding from the Legislature for Library Legacy programs.

ALA--American Library Association

CRPLSA--Council of Regional Public Library System Administrators. Consists of the directors of the 12 regional public library systems.

ELM--Electronic Library of Minnesota

E-Rate--A program provided by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that provides discounts to assist public libraries and schools to obtain affordable telecommunications and internet access.

IMLS--Institute of Museums and Library Service is the federal agency that administers LSTA.

ITEM--Information & Technology Educators of Minnesota is the professional association for school librarians & technology integrationist.

LGA--Local Government Aid

LSTA--Library Services and Technology Act is federal funding for libraries administered by the Institute of Museums and Library Service (IMLS) through Minnesota State Library Services.

MALF--Minnesota Association of Library Friends

MDE--Minnesota Department of Education

MDL--Minnesota Digital Library

Minitex- a program of the Minnesota Higher Education Office with the mission of facilitating resource sharing among libraries and reducing the cost of providing access to information for residents throughout MN, ND and SD.

MLA--Minnesota Library Association

MLTA--Minnesota Library Trustees and Advocates. A division of the Minnesota Library Association (MLA)

MNLINK--Minnesota Library Information Network is managed by Minitex; operates an ILS and coordinates Gateway activities that link public, academic, school and government libraries

Multitype--Multicounty Multitype Library System is form of regional library service facilitating cooperation among academic, public, school, and special libraries. The multitype, multicounty library systems receive basic operating funds assigned by statute to the 7 regional libraries through a biennial appropriation from the Minnesota Legislature

RLBSS- Regional Library Basic System Support. Basic operating funds assigned by statute to the 12 regional libraries through a biennial appropriation from the Minnesota Legislature

RLTA--Regional Library Telecommunications Aid is an allocation from the Minnesota State legislature to support a portion of Internet service provider costs of public libraries paid by the regional library systems

The Regions

Public Library Systems

ALS--Arrowhead Library System (includes multitype system)

ECRL--East Central Regional Library

GRRL--Great River Regional Library

KRLS--Kitchigami Regional Library System

LARL--Lake Agassiz Regional Library

MELSA--Metropolitan Library Service Agency

NWRL--Northwest Regional Library

PLS--Pioneerland Library System

PCLS--Plum Creek Library System

SELCO--Southeastern Libraries Cooperating

TdS--Traverse des Sioux Library Cooperative (includes multitype)

VLS--Viking Library System

Multitype Systems

CMLE--Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange


NLLN--Northern Lights Library Network

SAMMIE--Southwest Area Multicounty, Multitype Interlibrary Exchange (Name change May 1, 2018 to Prairielands Library Exchange)

SELS--Southeast Library System