Minnesota Libraries Transform Toolkit

Libraries Transform is an American Library Association (ALA) initiative to increase public awareness of the value, impact, and services provided by libraries and library professionals.

In addition to the marketing materials available on the ALA Libraries Transform website, ALA created a state chapters toolkit. It includes a Minnesota branded version of the Libraries Transform logo (in various colors) and editable Because Statement posters, bookmark, and postcard templates.

*Note that the MLA LegWork Committee uses the "blue with red o" logo on most of our documents and communications.

Minnesota Libraries Transform Logos

Please review the guides below before using these logos at your library.

PNG Minnesota Libraries Transform Logos (for general use)

Ai Minnesota Libraries Transform Logos (for use in Photoshop, InDesign and vector applications)

PDF Minnesota Libraries Transform Logos (for use with the editable Because statement posters)

Because Statements

Use the editable Because Statement templates to create your own custom statement specific to your library, share them on social media, include them in library reports, or print posters to display at your library. All you need is Adobe Reader to edit them with your own unique Because statement. There are two versions of the Because statement posters below. The first link opens up poster templates that already contain the Minnesota Libraries Transform logo. The second link opens up poster templates with space to add your own library logo in the lower left corner.

Guide to creating your own Because statement (PDF)