Legislative Working Committee

The LegWork Committee (Legislative Working Committee) is comprised of MLA/ITEM members interested in being more hands-on in the Legislative process, supporting the Legislative Committee in planning Legislative activities.

This work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Designing Legislative Committee documents

  • Managing logistics for Legislative Day and Legislative Forum

  • Maintaining advocacy website

  • Communicating to members about legislative/advocacy activities

  • Developing educational content about legislative/advocacy activities

2021 Committee Members

  • Sarah Hawkins, Chair

  • Jami Trenam, Past Chair

  • Liz Lynch, Chair Elect

  • Stacey Hendren, MLA President

  • Patti Bross, MLA Past President

  • Ann Hokanson

  • Kim Haugo, ITEM Legislative Liaison

  • Carla Lydon

  • Lydia Potthoff

  • Zach Miller