Net Neutrality

Talking Points

These Talking Points were supplied by Sen Ron Latz's Office. You may use these as a background study or in a letter to your representatives'. "In a world where access to information is essential for opportunity, for learning, for success, for civic life, for checking facts, anything that reduces that, particularly for people who can’t afford alternatives, is a body blow to the basic democratic principles that the library stands for. Whether people or the library are shoved to the slow lane, and / or forced to pay to be in the fast lane with resources that are already stretched thin, is really sort of shocking. To put it sort of bluntly, the Federal Communications Commission should be defending communications." Anthony Marx, President of NYPL

At its Midwinter Meeting (2018), ALA Council adopted the statement “Net Neutrality: An Intellectual Freedom Issue.” Written by the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, the document affirms that net neutrality is essential to the promotion and practice of intellectual freedom and the free exercise of democracy.

MN Library Net Neutrality Talking Points.pdf