2018 Key Messages

2018 Key Messages

You can find the complete MLA/ITEM Platform on the Legislative Documents page. This is a quick summary of what we want the message to our legislators to include.

Bill numbers

RLBSS & Multi-type Funding Bill

HF 1382 Rep. Bud Nornes (R, 8A) [Bill details]

SF 1033 Sen. Gary Dahms (R, 16 ) [Bill details]


HF 1484 Rep. Jeff Howe, (R, 13A) [Bill details]

SF 2218 Sen. Bill Ingebrigtson) (R, 8) [Bill details]

School Librarians Grant Pool

HF 2698 Rep Mary Kunesh-Podein (DFL, 41B) [Bill details]

The Minnesota Library Association (MLA) and the Information and Technology Educators of Minnesota (ITEM) support state funding for the following programs that sustain and expand library services in Minnesota:

1. Increase Basic Funding for All Library Systems

  • Regional Library Basic System Support (RLBSS): increased funding from $13.57 million to $16.57 million annually with a corresponding formula change to provide stable funding for all regional public library systems across the state. (M.S.134.20)
  • Multicounty Multitype Library Support: increased funding from $1.3 million to $2 million annually to support communication, resource sharing, staff development, and collaborative programming connecting all types of Minnesota libraries. (M.S. 134.351)
  • If passed this would be the first increase in library system funding since state fiscal year 2009.

2. Bonding for Public Library Construction

  • MLA and ITEM support the appropriation of $10 million over the 2017-18 biennium for construction and remodeling of public library buildings through the State‚Äôs currently authorized matching program (M.S. 134.45)

3. School Librarians Grant Pool ( HF2698)

  • MLA and ITEM support funding a grant pool to enable school districts to increase access to licensed library media specialist in districts which face a shortage of licensed media staff.

See Who Has Signed On to Our Bills as of March 6

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