About MN Library Systems

About MN Library Systems

Minnesota Public and Multitype Libraries are in Minnesota Statutes in Chapter 134. Public and Multitype Libraries. Public library and library system organization, governance, agreements, and much more are described in this chapter. See Minnesota Library Laws for links to the key provisions related to public library and multitype library systems.

Regional public library systems and multitype library systems receive a biennial legislative appropriation that is disbursed on a formula allocation. State funding is directed to library systems for the purposes of cooperation and efficiency of operations.

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Regional Public Library Systems

Through system collaboration, communities develop libraries that capitalize on economies of scale providing greater effectiveness, improved quality and access to more resources.

Twelve regional public library systems have been designated by the Minnesota Department of Education as the agencies charged with strengthening, improving and promoting public library services in their participating areas and are eligible for state funding, including Regional Library Basic System Support, Arts and Cultural Heritage grants, and Regional Library Telecommunications aid.

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Multicounty Multitype Library Systems

Seven multicounty multitype library systems improve library services by facilitating cooperation among academic libraries, public libraries, school library media centers, and special libraries. Multicounty multitype library systems may develop services including, but not limited to, resource sharing, joint programs, staff development, staff development, research and development, publicity and community relations. Multicounty multitype library systems also partner on statewide projects.